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A preliminary design of a light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for 9-14 passengers

A preliminary design of a light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for 9-14 passengers

The PRO-Avia company has begun a preliminary design of a light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for 9-14 passengers

Improving the transport accessibility of remote areas with using small aircraft is an urgent task throughout the world and especially in Russia.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to create and organize the serial production of modern small aircraft.

At present, Baikal-Engineering company is designing a single-engine light multi-purpose aircraft for local airlines. The company PRO-Avia has begun a preliminary design of the project of a light multi-seat multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for local airlines.

The main advantage of a single-engine aircraft is cost-effective feasibility, subject to all the requirements for a light aircraft of local airlines. At the same time, a single-engine aircraft has a minimum cost of development, certification and launch into mass production, a price, as well as a minimum flight hour cost and operating costs for a passenger kilometer.

A twin-engine aircraft at somewhat higher costs allows for a wider range of tasks and to cover the maximum possible part of the country with a transport air network. Due to the higher thrust-weight ratio, as well as a significant increase in the load-bearing properties of the wing due to blowing by the propellers of the propulsion system, a twin-engine aircraft can have higher takeoff and landing and cruising characteristics compared a single-engine aircraft. A twin-engine aircraft provides increased fail-safety due to the possibility of continuing the flight in the event of a single engine failure. This allows you to operate the aircraft over water, mountainous and wooded areas. A twin-engine aircraft can be certified in the transitional category FAR-23 for the transport of 14 people (the maximum number of passengers in a single-engine aircraft is 9 people). The aircraft allows you to carry loads of larger weight and dimensions, and with ramp execution, LD3-46 aviation containers. Ramp performance is better suited for parachutists, including during group jumps and landing light equipment.

With this in mind, as well as the experience gained in the design and manufacture of the MAI-411 multi-purpose four-seater twin-engine aircraft, PRO-Avia has embarked on a preliminary design of the light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for local airlines for 9 ... 14 passengers.

Passenger capacity, person 9...14
Engine number, pcs. 2
Engine type RED A03
Length, m 13
Wing Area, m2 35,2
Wingspan, m 17,3
Take-off weight of the aircraft, kg 4800
Weight of the payload, kg
- normal:
- maximum
Take-off run, m 180
Landing run, m 170
Maximum cruising altitude, m до 4000
Maximum cruising speed, km/h 310
Maximum speed of level flight (Н=3000 m), km/h 340
Maximum payload range, km
- with a payload of 1,800 kg:
- maximum (with additional tanks)
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